The RG W-FOG wet piping extinguisher system is the most simple and widespread method in water mist fire extinguishing systems.The reduced number of components of our equipment makes these systems very reliable and require little maintenance.

Its main feature is that the piping used for extinguishing is continuously filled with water. It stays filled with pressurised water until the automatic activation of the diffusers, which allows immediate action against the outbreak at the moment the fire is detected. The working pressure in the water line is 11-15 bar for ordinary risks and 25-30 bar for special hazards.


The typical system is composed of: water tank with a filtration and fill system, RG W-FOG UAP impulse pump group with jockey pump to maintain pressure in the piping, section valves to detect the flow of water in wet piping, closed fuse nozzles to detect fire. Being closed nozzles, the flow of water is blocked until the nozzle’s thermal fuse has been activated. When the fuse breaks, because of a rise in room temperature, it results in an automatic discharge of water to control the outbreak of fire.



This type of action is located in the zone that is exposed to the fire since it only triggers the nozzles nearby, in which the thermal fuse blows because of the temperature. In regards to selective activations, possible damage as a result of water during discharge is reduced.

Wet piping systems are frequently installed to protect risks such as those in hotels, car parks, hospitals, offices, stations, historical buildings, schools, cleanrooms, file rooms, telecommunications rooms, servers, storage areas, etc.