Generators and turbines are pieces of equipment that are essential to global energy networks. They operate by implementing the transformation of the energy from a fluid in the electricity that is required for countless daily industrial and domestic activities. More concretely, turbines are turbo-machines with runners and mobile blades that move along by being impelled by the fluid that is passed through them. They transfer the mechanical energy to the electrical generator that incorporates it into the global network.  

These are facilities that may pose a high risk due to their operation, their fire load or the diversity of their auxiliary facilities. Moreover, the high costs involved and the serious economic consequences that may occur in the event of production stoppages, it is vitally important to take protection measures.


The possible occupants can safely leave the enclosure thanks to decent visibility, which is a result of the entrainment of particles.


It acts immediately, without waiting for the exit of the building or the automatic safety closure. For this reason, the evacuation is safer and time can be gained when the fire is put under control. In the event of entrapment, the water mist system is completely inoffensive.  


The diversity of risks and possible focuses of fires requires a complete and thorough study of each project for each case.