Transformers modify the tension of a circuit, elevating it (TE) or reducing it (TR) according to usage needs and energy transport.

Due to their key function inside the energy supply network, it is indispensable to provide them with a protection system against fires that it is quick, effective and innocuous for this equipment. The losses in damages are not only quantified by the deterioration of equipment, but also by cuts in the electrical supply, which can gravely affect companies, industries, basic services such as hospitals or urban areas, leading to important economic repercussions.

The main causes are the electric shortcomings and the internal defects.


The primary origin of fires is difficult to discern because they often involve several factors.  




  • Power  overloads and short circuiting 
  •  Surge loading or reductions of frequency 
  • Labour/Manual work in the vicinity of the risk area 
  • Inadequate maintenance  



  • Mainly aging of equipment, for example, that which produces faulty refrigeration. 
  • Defects in the magnetic circuit or in the connection point. 
  • Short circuits in the spires.