RG Systems possess the most innovative systems for the extinction of kitchen fires. It is mandatory to have such places protected in public shops or in businesses, especially when their dimensions are considerable in size. They represent a serious fire risk due to their interaction with oils and fats at high temperatures.

RG TOTAL K effectively protects:  

  • VENTS 
  • IRONS 
  • WOKS

TOTAL K – Water Mist

RG Systems possesses Nebulized Water for the protection of these risks. It is unlikely that the water is suitable for the extinction of oil in combustion situations; however, the advanced technology of our systems eliminates fires without causing damage. 

Small-dimension pressurized cylinders are already being used, which are focused on the areas of risk.

TOTAL K – Watery Solution

RG Systems have potassium acetate cylinders, a non-toxic watery solution for ease of cleaning (which effectively cleans the oil - creating an insulating layer that suffocates the fire). 

This system has been designed based on the required flows for the protection of the fixed risks. We have cylinders of multiple sizes and battery systems for large-scale kitchens.



Its noteworthy functions are its multiple detection options, and its ability to adapt to the characteristics of each kitchen. The equipment aids the incorporation of mechanical detection by means of TOTAL K SIMPLEX and COMPLEX functions, which operate by means of a break in the fuse or thermal bulbs installed in the detection lines. Another option is the installation of a consistent system in a flexible detection tube that breaks at high temperatures. It is also possible to adapt TOTAL K to systems of electronic detection.