Hidden Nozzles

The AV-EMM adaptor has a hidden nozzle, making it suitable for use in prisons or places prone to vandalism or public disorder. Have the ability to camouflage the nozzle while not in use. Once the water pressure reaches the nozzle, The extension will emerge and it is operational.


  • Can be used with any open diffuser model.
  • Easy to install and impossible for unauthorised users to manipulate or break.
  • The high operational pressures for which this adapter has been designed make it very safe.
  • Use conventional sprinkler piping (12 mm) DIN2353.
  • Zero maintenance costs and long system life, made with high-quality components.

Avoid any manipulation, as it is very resistant thanks to its hidden design.


While not in use, the nozzle is retracted and flush with the assembly body. Only during activation does it protrude enough to allow the release of water mist.