The treatment plants and the processing of natural gas are strategic facilities, and are important at the global level given the high energy dependence of this fuel.

These are infrastructures used for processing and packing a mixture of gases, mainly methane, obtained in oil prospection.

Tanks and the deposits of natural gas require specific protection. 

For other related uses, the water mist systems developed by RG Systems provide full protection of these facilities, which can be both of high economic value and have destructive potential.


The focus on the protection of gas plants must therefore be proactive, and geared towards avoiding dangerous conditions that could either start a catastrophe or avoid propagation and damage to people before an actual accident.


Moreover, the location and the time that the emergency services respond to the risk can end up being hours long. For this reason, the PCI equipment should be studied, designed and measured for each case and in each situation. Based on its consumption, the water mist system consumes 90% less than the sprinklers. This function is tied to its high level of permanence (continued operation) after the discharge,  thereby protecting the auxiliary uses (namely those that either require a reduced supply of the anti-fire agent/or  more time).