Cylinder battery / declining pressure / closed nozzles

Once the extinction system has been activated, the nitrogen cylinders are activated, which dis­charges the propelled gas in the water cylinders, pressurizing them and forcing all the water to travel through the piping network and discharge over the protected area through the nozzles. These diffu­sers have been designed, tested and manufactured for the area they are protecting and they are the res­ponsible for carrying out the correct water misting.

The pilot control cylinders are es­pecially designed for pressurizing the piping network in systems with closed nozzles or wet piping and to activate the extinction system when necessary.


They are loaded with inert gas IG-100 (nitrogen) to 100 bar as the pressurization agent of the piping network. The water network must be filled previously with filtered water. These control cylinders can require additional components such as non-return valves, shutoff valves, etc., for the correct system pressurization.