Cylinder battery / constant pressure/ closed nozzles

RG Systems offers a protection system with High Pressure Water Misting with cylinder batteries, since it allows pressure regulation of the nitrogen cylinder discharge, and therefore, the discharge pressure of the water mist nozzles.

The propelled nitrogen cylinders are equipped with pneumatic self-regulation valves of discharge pressure. This permits the gas to be released at a constant rate, controlled and continued during all the process.

This novel system doesn’t need springs, or mechanisms, which is why it’s more reliable, secure and lasting. It also guarantees the necessary pressure in the nozzless so that the water misting is optimum.

The utilized nozzles are closed nozzles designed specifically for the hazard in question.


The High Pressure Water Mist system RG W-FOG UAC is formed by two types of cylinders, some contain water at atmospheric pressure and others contain the nitrogen utilized as pro­pelled gas, which takes care of the water pressurization and to discharge it through thenozzles.

The latter can be of 200 or 300 bar / 2900 or 4350 PSI, and, along with the volume control technology, they achieve a quantity optimization of N2 that permits nitrogen–water cylinders propor­tions of 1:5. Therefore, the systems are more compact and less nitrogen bottles are used.