Cylinder batery / declining pressure / open nozzles

The High Pressure Water Mist System with cylinder battery, RG W-FOG UAC and open nozzles, utilizes the latest technology to control, suppress and extinguish fires in the protected area.

For it, it has nozzles for optimum mist capacity manufactured with the highest quality standards and tested in the most prestigious international laboratories according to the norms and guidelines established for each application.

Direct local application on the protected area employing less water than a total flood. Appli­cations as transformers, turbines, etc.


The Water Mist RG W-FOG UAC system is the most efficient against a fire, respectful to the environment since it minimizes water use, using a tenth of the traditional sprinkler system. Besides, the use of inert gas as a driving force is harmless for the environment since it’s naturally obtained form of the atmosphere.