Valves are one of the main elements of our systems. Although having various functions, each one is tested for its different functions. Each one is also proven and tested for optimum performance.  


The RG Systems water mist are specially dedicated to the protection of fire hazards thanks to their directional valves / control. With these valves specially developed by our Research-development and innovation team, it is possible to compartmentalize the anti-fire agent's flow toward the areas of danger, and to protect any areas affected by means of a single system. 

It also acts by protecting the equipment in light of fortuitous discharges during the maintenance works, e.g. by means of their manual closing.


Section valves are used in humid pipe system and are used to provide an alert before the flow of water begins. 

Therefore, when a closed nozzle is activated (whether for accident reasons or before the focus of heat, namely that which produces a fire), the drive equipment (or pumps) start up prior to the lowering of pressure. The section valve of the affected area detects the flow of water toward the activated diffusers.


RG Systems supplies manual shut-off and section valves that are used to open or close the flow supply to the pipe network. They are also used in maintenance and testing operations.




Retention or non-return valves are one the most utilized and most secure elements for our systems.

They are safety valves for the system and its function is to allow flow passage in one direction and prevent it from the other.



The quality of each component differentiates the system from its competitors.