This type of transport can be short, medium or long distance. It can be circular for external areas, underground, open or compartmentalized, and be subjected to different atmospheric or environmental conditions. In any event, it is of vital importance to act quickly and forcefully before any potential fire risk.  

During short trips, there is a bigger risk of affecting other nearby urban infrastructures – thereby producing serious consequences in interruptions of service and stoppage times. The movement of passengers requires quick action on the part of the anti-fire system so as to avoid the emission of smoke and to facilitate evacuation - particularly in remote environments or in areas of difficult access like tunnels and bridges. In the case of the transportation of merchandise, the important displaced quantities increase the fire load with more virulent and bigger fires, and greater economic losses.



Their compact size and pipes with a minimum section help to house equipment and fittings in closets built into the wall thickness in corridors and service spaces.


RG W-FOG facilitates local application on key focal points such as as machinery or motors, as well as total floods on the inside of boxcars and tight enclosures.