The developments in the last decade in computer technology and of telecommunications have led to numerous facilities of variable size, which currently provide key service to companies, institutions and governmental centers. It is critical to ensure the safety of ICT facilities that store data and that enable work to be carried out daily.

Specific guides exist for the protection of these facilities, which recommend the use of clean agents. Their design takes into consideration the particularities of these facilities, thus avoiding any non-detected focuses or control issues, which can end in interruptions in the service and/or damage to the equipment.

Clean and effective action, innocuous for the delicate devices, and adapted to the concrete needs of protection.


The most common facilities are: telephony, data, Internet, wireless equipment and videos. The internal factors of risk are linked to electrical and electronic shortcomings (overheating, short circuits, sparks, overcharges, etc.), which are fuelled by the ventilation equipment.