As a result of the automobile parking global growth and shortage of space, predominantly in the cities, automated parking systems that reduce up to 50% of the surface dedicated to this use have been developed.

The mechanization of the process virtually eliminates maneuvering and circulation spaces, making the most of the available area. Parking can be automatic or semi-automatic and the collection can be dependent or independent but, in any case, it is carried out with specific machinery that stacks and moves vehicles for a maximum occupancy.

For its operation, the presence of personnel is minimal, limited to maintenance tasks.


The volume of the facility tends to be large to get a return for the machinery, which practically restricts protection options set to water systems.


RG W-FOG, being an appropriate system for the present risks, of fast action and minimal water consumption, it permits full protection with a compact and easy maintenance installation.

The action will focus on cooling the structure to maintain its integrity, and the protection of vehicles, preventing the fire from growing or spreading.