Prison facilities are generally medium to large-size compounds with a high occupation density and large number of people with restricted mobility as well as very specific security and evacuation limitations.

Any accident that occurs has a social and media impact. So, RG W-FOG makes possible immediate action against fires as it is harm-free to people (no activation delay is necessary to evacuate occupants) and does not require air-tightness for trap closures, ventilation, doors or windows. The high-pressure water mist system action controls the fire immediately, keeping the conditions compatible with the presence of occupants inside. This means more time to organise the evacuation and control the fire until the fire-fighters arrive.



RG W-FOG improves the conditions under which people exit with better visibility and a lower perception of danger due to the reduction of smoke and heat


RG W-FOG also includes specific devices for these facilities such as anti-vandalism nozzles designed to prevent improper manipulation so they cannot be sabotaged or removed for use as weapons or manipulated to be used for hooking or hanging.