Mobile equipment

The portable systems are  provided  ready for service - with all the necessary components and accessories:  

● High-Pressure Group: with diesel pump  flow and adjustable pressure

● Control square: for control flow regulation and pressure 

● Water deposit of various materials and storage capacity. 

● Reel and hose: available in several sizes, lengths and finishes. 

● Launch manual: with maximum flow water mist diffuser, lever handle and spray adjustment.

Used for fires containing solids, liquids, fuel spills, or inflammable gas fires- can be  incorporated into specific treatments to improve their durability or resistance to special atmospheres (bleakness, marine, extreme, chemically aggressive temperature, etc.)


They can be used by professionals such as trained fire-fighters, or technicians from industrial brigades or similar.


Their most common applications are rapid response and industrial vehicles for firefighting, which can be easily adapted to provide an elevated response capacity, versatility, speed and autonomy.