RG Systems places research and innovation as one of the main catalysts of its growth and expansion. At our industrial plant, which is more than 6000 m2, we work with the most modern means of production as well as special laboratories for the international quality approval of our fire-fighting systems.

The research center possesses an area of 1600 m², which is divided into several sections:  

  • A room for mist water discharge.
  • A pump test area with valves, directional valves, accessories, etc. 
  • A room for the discharge of cylinders of inert and other gas systems. 
  • A Test room for fires with gassy agent discharges, nebulized water and foam. 
  • A control room for follow-up and for the measurement of tests carried out in each room. 
  • A metrology laboratory. 
  • A high pressure laboratory with facilities for testing of components up to 1600 bar. 
  • Climatic rooms of 200 m³. 
  • Ovens with different volumes for carrying out various fire practices. 
  • Enclosure of 400 square meters, which are 15 meters high, used for real scale fire practices. 
  • Enclosure of 70 m2 and 6, 5 meters high for real scale fire drills.

In our laboratories, we carry out all types of   real scale  drills and tests: pressure, corrosion, temperature, force, repetitive cycles, tension, real scale practice drills, software development ,etc.

Discharges of nebulized water:  

  • To determine the K factor. 
  • To determine work pressure. 
  • To characterize nebulized water discharges   
  • To verify hydraulic calculations. 
  • To determine resistance coefficients.  
  • Hose Tests. 
  • Prototype and new product tests.
  • Real scale fire tests.