The Inert Gases system components of the RG Systems™ Green Flow fire extinguishing systems have obtained the LPCB certification

The Inert Gases system components of the RG Systems™ Green Flow fire extinguishing systems have been tested and certified according to the regulations of BRE Global and have obtained the LPCB certification (Loss Prevention Certification Board).

The system equipment has incorporated the innovative Constant & Controlled Flow Technology, which assure the constant and uniform discharge of the extinguishing agent. Also, they have the Combi Manifold System, which makes easier the installation. They are approved to be used with inert gases, IG-55 and IG-541, with working pressures of 150, 200 and 300 bar / 2175, 2900 and 4350 psi.


The range of RG Systems™ Green Flow systems whose components have obtaining the LPCB certification are the following:

  • RG-GREEN FLOW-55 Constant Flow Technology: gas inerte IG-55 (Ar + N2) a 150, 200 and300 bar (2175, 2900 and 4350 psi).
  • RG-GREEN FLOW-541 Constant Flow Technology: gas inerte IG-541 (Ar + N2 + CO2) a 150, 200 and 300 bar (2175, 2900 and 4350 psi).

Gaseous system equipment is assessed and tested to a test schedule, suitable for the product, containing tests from both LPS and EN standards for gaseous system components. The production facilities have also been assessed to ensure that the components meet and continue to meet these standards


Recognition International

These LPCB certifications, comes to join the long list of prestigious international approvals such as UL  Underwriters Laboratories), FM (Factory Mutual) and VdS (VdS Schadenverhütung), and state or national certifications such as VNIIPO (Russia), CNBOP (Poland), etc. which have the RG GREEN fire extinguishing systems, and makes them internationally recognized. Also, LPCB listings are accepted throughout the UK and around the world, as shown in the map.