Protection against fires in the industrial sector is of maximum importance since it can be a tool to guarantee the continuity of any business after an incident of this type.  

This industry can be classed as a GLOBAL INDUSTRY that includes all type of sectors: automotive, steel, paper, wood, food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, etc.  Special attention should be paid to the LOGISTICS sector, which includes the storage and transportation of a great number of materials with a high possibility of fire hazards.

The most sought after protection is found in:

TELECOMMUNICATIONS:  In the business sector, data and communications centers are vital for operability since they provide coverage and maintain business activity. It is, therefore, critical to ensure the safety of the ICT facilities that store data, and which are operated daily.



Enclosures with a strict control of particles, pollutants or microorganisms. The losses after a catastrophe are not only measured in damages due to fires, but also derived from contamination of products, damage to equipment, and invalidation of processes due to changes in their individual parts.  



Enclosures in places where there are materials can be especially dangerous since they burn easily. They can cause a fire to grow quickly and promote an exponential liberation of heat. The vapors also produce explosive atmospheres and, on the whole, provide a real risk of infection that can be spread to other areas.  



Expensive complex facilities whose main characteristics in terms of design are that they are based in far-away locations, are unoccupied, and cannot be accessed quickly.  


Critical Elements:

TRANSPORTER BELTS: The transportation of materials on continuous belts, which are frequently found in industries for large-scale processing, material exploitation or assemblage, speed up and facilitate these activities. However, from the point of view of the protection of fires, they are an important risk to consider.  Leer más..

These are strategic points that condition the operation and the continuity of a business. The service interruptions can lead to major losses. Leer más..

FILE ROOMS: They can also be used for historical or current registries, and their purpose is to preserve information in media that is highly vulnerable to fire, which requires protection that is safe, clean and does not leave residues. Leer más..

TRANSFORMERS:Losses caused as a result of damages are not only quantified by the deterioration of equipment, but also cuts in the electrical supply, which can gravely affect businesses, industries, as well as basic services such as hospitals or urban areas, i.e. with important economic repercussions.   Leer más..