Any disaster that may fall on a health centre has a large social and medical impact. Because of the limited capacities of the patients, their evacuation is difficult and slow.

With this in mind, RG W-FOG makes an immediate fire fighting action possible, since it is safe for people (does not require delays in its activation to remove the occupants) and does not need to be airtight to act effectively ( there is no need to wait for screens and doors to be closed).

At the same time, it improves evacuation conditions for the occupants, with better visibility and less perception of danger, favoured by the reduction in smoke and heat.



RG W-FOG avoids dangerous situations due to fire and the evacuation itself, while at the same time minimising damages to valuable equipment and installations in the centre.


Its action is central to suppressing the source from its initial stages, reducing the release of heat so that it doesn’t grow or spread to occupied rooms or those that have valuable equipment.