File rooms are small variable warehouses used to conserve documents of various nature in an orderly and categorised way. In general, similar to libraries, they store paper, although they can also contain objects, audiovisual material and other valuable items.

Because of solid and liquid materials’ high susceptibility to fire, water mist acts effectively against all common hazards present in these spaces:

  • Fights the high fire load inherent to these uses with the minimum possible amount of water
  • Minimizes damages caused by massive water discharge (sprinklers)
  • Flexible design based on size


Their purpose is to preserve information in media that is highly vulnerable to fire.


The main objective is to guarantee the safety of the occupants and, at the same time, protect the archived content. This property can be highly valuable for different reasons: historical (ancient sources), documentative, operational (corporate processes) or strategic (service failures: companies, institutions, hospitals)