Electric pump units

The electrical pump series have been specifically developed by RG Systems to obtain maximum effectiveness and performance in water mist systems. They are high-pressure and robust, and are optimal for this application, i.e. where reliability is a critical factor. Thus, they are completely guaranteed under any circumstance. 

RG W-FOG UAP is a specific piece of equipment for the protection of vast areas, open spaces, and for a variety of risk situations by means of a unique series of pumps. The system is activated by means of an electric pump using positive displacement, which increases the water pressure. 

The electric motor provides the necessary rotation force to achieve the correct pressure and flow needs of the pump and to achieve some flow conditions that are appropriate for the operation of the nozzles. 

It is also possible to install a jockey pump that facilitates the constant pressurization of the water in the pipe. 

This system can be used on its own, and in cases of electric failure. Moreover, it can work both automatically and manually.

The water is stored in deposits or can be diverted from the general supply. The capacity of the deposit depends on the covered risk. 






Complete protection of the whole building with a single system. 



- Pump or main pumps 

- Motor or electrical motors 

- Jockey Pump (optional) 

- Suction or vacuum collector 

- Drive/Impeller collector 

- discharge connection hose

- Excessive Pressure Security Valve   

- Non-return valves 

- Pressure Transmitter 

- Gauges 

- Ball valves 

- Control square + PLC 

- Nozzles of water mist system 

-  Supply and feeding of waters systems