The operation of the RG W-FOG dry piping water mist system has an operation similar to that of the wet piping with closed sprinklers, with the difference

between the systems being that instead of having the discharge tubing constantly filled with pressurised water, it is pressurised with air or nitrogen to avoid frozen pipes.




The typical system is composed of: water tank with a filtration and fill system, rg w-fog uap impulse pump group., pneumatic control valve., closed fuse diffusers to detect fire.

As is typical when a fire breaks out, the activation of one or multiple diffusers occurs, due to the increase in temperature. The piping between the control valve and the diffuser is usually dry, and pressurised with air or nitrogen. The blow of the fuse because of the fire’s heat causes a drop in pressure, releasing the air from the pipe. This causes the control valve to open pneumatically, which initiates the discharge of water mist in the area where the fire has been detected.

Unlike the preaction systems, the piping is pressurised with downstream air instead of with water.



This equipment is easy to install in environments where there is a risk of freezing, such as cold stores, refrigerated warehouses or systems installed outside, since the pressurisation of the piping with air/nitrogen is avoided, compared to a wet system that could be damaged by changes in the volume of water upon freezing (joints, blowing fuses, valves, piping, etc.)