Our current era of information technology promotes the development and proliferation of computer facilities of massive data storage, which largely depend on the processes and activities carried out by companies and institutions.  

Organizations of diverse types need to have specific rooms for this purpose- for their office facilities or through co-location operators. This service rents computer facilities that include technical support, maintenance, connectivity, privacy, and security 24h, which includes protection against fires.

RG W-FOG attacks the main fire dangers straight on: the extreme sensitivity of the CPDs to particles, smoke and corrosive products.


Notwithstanding, it is about the strategic points that condition the operation and the continuity of a company. The interruptions in service can lead to losses at different levels:

  • Materials, with their repositioning costs. 
  • Of information, recoverable or not. 
  • Halts in production and derived processes. 
  •  Of credibility, for deficiencies in client attention. 
  • Of positioning: from clients' needs to  competition 
  • For legal consequences: compensation, nonfulfillment of deadlines, etc.