Diesel Pump Units

The UAPD equipment is very similar to the electrical pump systems. However, in this case they are activated by means of diesel pumps.

These diesel pump systems have been designed as alternatives to the electrical pump systems, i.e. when the circumstances of the installation do not allow the use of electric supply. 

They are specially designed for the protection of vast areas, namely those that require a completely autonomous operation. They are very practical for isolated hazards. 

They have the capacity to protect a wide variety of hazards and to work in an automatic or manual form. The electric motor is directly connected to the positive displacement pump.

This is completely autonomous equipment.  In the event of failure in the electric supply, it feeds off its own battery. 

It consists of equipment with minor electrical consumption.



Special autonomous system for isolated hazards



- Pump or main pumps 

- Motor or electrical motors 

- Jockey Pump (optional) 

- Suction or vacuum collector 

- Drive/Impeller collector 

- Discharge connection hose

- Excessive Pressure Security Valve  

- Anti- return valves 

- Pressure Transmitter 

- Gauge 

- Ball valves 

- Control square + PLC 

- Nozzle of water mist system 

-  Supply and feeding of waters systems