RG W-FOG deluge systems with water mist are typically used in special hazards where a complete area has to be protected. This equipment makes up total or local application flooding systems in which open nozzles without a fuse are installed. The discharge of water is simultaneous through all nozzles when a fire is detected using an independent detection system.





The typical system is composed of:  water tank with a filtration and fill system,  rg w-fog uap impulse pump group, pneumatic or electric control valve, open fuse nozzles.

The detection is responsible for determining if there is a fire, whether it be through the activation of a closed nozzle from the drive line because of an increase in temperature or through an electronic smoke or heat detector with its own panel, or mechanically via thermal fuses and steel cable with a COMPLEX or SIMPLEX panel.

Once the fire has been detected, the signal to open the control valve is sent which allows water to flow through all of the fuses to extinguish the fire, as a total flood of one space or a local application on one object.



For smaller systems, autonomous RG W-FOG UAC systems with groups of cylinders containing water and impulse cylinders with nitrogen are used



This type of application is easily used for LOCAL APPLICATIONS on objects such as fuel tanks, transformers, conveyor belts, generators, machinery or motors.

With TOTAL FLOOD, we are able to protect areas that are at a high risk of fire outbreak and require a large quantity of water to be released quickly, such as rail cars, machine rooms, cable tunnels and road tunnels.