Cylinder battery / constant pressure / open nozzles

RG Systems offers an unique protection system with High Pressure Water Mist by means of cylinder batteries, since it permits regulating the propelled agent discharge pressure (nitrogen) and maintain it for a longer period of time, with provides constant action and is completely controlled.

This is possible since the nitrogen propelled cylinders are equipped with discharge pressure pneumatic self-regulation valves. The innovative valve RGS-MAN-RD achieves a constant discharge, without pressure peaks, which provides continuous and stable water pressure to optimize misting in the affected zone nozzles.

The RGS-MAN-RD valve is able to be calibrated to the desired pressure, permitting itself to be adapted to each project and protection requirement.


This is a new secure system, optimized and of extensive benefits, that contributes to equip the most sensitive or valuable risks with the most reliable and effective technology protecting against fires.