Clean rooms are enclosures of very controlled environmental conditions, frequently employed in industries of high added value, namely: pharmaceutical, bio-sanitarium, optical, electronic (semiconductors) or food-related, among others.  

Due to the singular characteristics of these rooms, it is essential that the extinction mechanisms are innocuous, and are of immediate action. Moreover, they should enable a quick renewal of the activity, with the minimum work of cleaning and implementation. RG W-FOG allows the control and/or suppression of the focus area while facilitating the evacuation of the personnel that is present.  

These are related to enclosures with a strict control of particles, pollutants or microorganisms, as well as of other hygrometric conditions, of illumination, pressure, etc.


The losses after a catastrophe are not only measured  damages due to fires, but also derived from the contamination of products, damage to the equipment, and invalidation of processes due to changes in some of their parts. Therefore, to use an agent like a mist-water system is very advantageous from the point of view of the action speed against the fire and the cleaning of particles or smoke that can grow and contaminate, or affect other sectors.