The sector has enjoyed a steady growth and has been incentivized by political policies that promote renewable energies and technological advances, which in turn facilitate the development of land and marine parks, their performance and their installed power.  

Any damage means lingering stops and interruptions in the service. This produces a negative effect on the profitability of investment and can lead to severe economic losses, or total catastrophe if the structure is affected.


Fire extinguishing is designed to measure those singular risks, guaranteeing automated operation, without the need of external contributions.  


The mist water is the only clean and ecological agent recommended for the protection of all the risks present in an aero-generator: gondola, rotor, electrical facilities (incl. substation), transformer, investor, closets and hydraulic systems.  


Because of their versatility, they are useful for both rooms as well as for equipment- thus can be used in total floods or as a local application.